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Wet Bench & Chemical Management


linear rail motion design

Automation and Linear Motion

mechanical design for equipment tank and piping for process industry P&ID isometric

Process Industry

Electro-Optic & Custom Enclosure

Who we are / What we do

Bahan Engineering is a mechanical design and engineering business founded in 2015 by Nati Ben Hamo. Nati has 10 years of experience in research & development, mechanical designer, and engineering plant construction projects.
Specializing in project design, Bahan engineering develops innovative mechanic systems relating to the core disciplines of mechanical engineering: Mechanics, Dynamics and Thermodynamics. Whether it’s for a big company or a small start-up, project procedure steps include:

* Design and development
* Project management
* Design review, detailed design, and documents
* An advanced experiment set up design and assembly

We believe a direct and open approach is key in creating a successful project and relationship with our clients. We will always provide excellent customer service by keeping open communication with our clients and defining your goal from the very beginning. 

Feel free to reach out. We would be more than happy to work together on your next project!



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