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What we do

BAHAN ENGINEERING is a mechanical design and engineering business. Located at Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel.We design & develop innovative mechanic systems. Mainly related to the core disciplines of mechanical engineering: Mechanics, Dynamics and Thermodynamics;

  • Design and development

  • Project management

  • Design review, detailed design, and documents

  • An advanced experiment set up design and assembly

  • Prototype and jig design execute an engineering project as well as resolving problems require close attention at special aspects for each different job.

Who we are

Founded in 2015 by Nati Ben Hamo, 

After years in the industry in various roles such as; research & development, mechanical designer, engineer at plant erection projects, and more, Nati has decided to open his own business.

We at BAHAN ENGINEERING design and manage projects as principal design engineers for many companies and start-ups. We take part in the different project procedure steps: design and development, manufacturing, management, fieldwork, and erection among others.

We believe a direct and open approach is key in creating a successful accomplishment relationship.

Coordination at the very beginning of the mission and eloquent goal definition with the customer is an integral part of any project no matter if it is large or small scale.

Feel free to reach out, We would be more than happy to work together to accomplish your products, your new systems, and your new projects. 


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